Joe Jindrich

Framer and Artist

Joe's fascination with wood has been a mainstay throughout his life.  He has produced woodworks such as canoes, guitars and belt buckles over the last 40 years.  Joe collects unique pieces of wood throughout the world; allows them to season, then chooses which best fit his subject matter in order to portray its unique beauty and character -- the knots and its roughness and texture.

Joe will use infested woods in order to remove them from the forest to improve aesthetics, tree health and the tree skiing environment. "Creating a commercial product from these materials makes sense,  and its beauty speaks for itself". Joe says.

Original artworks and prints in mixed media, acrylics and oils representing subjects of nature in abstract and traditional forms are available by the artist.  He is self taught and has been transforming life experiences and dreams onto canvas since he was 15 years old.  Joe owned a sign painting business for 15 years. Originals, prints, frames and commissioned works available .