christy lynn greene


Primarily a self taught artist, Christy's creativity was encouraged by her mother, an artist also.  There was always artistic activities at home, growing up.  She found herself most interested in painting-- all mediums, but her most recent favorite is silk.  She describes her work as "Overtones of Fantasy and Wonder...Vaguely Mysterious Landscapes of Nature...Usage of Colors and Movement to Portray Moods and Feeling."  She contributes her silk painting style to experiences with watercolors, its washes and dreamy effects.  Christy has exhibited in various shows and galleries throughout Montana, Minnesota, Santa Fe, Florida, New York, Mexico, Greece, and England.  She has been commissioned for paintings of landscapes, homes, florals, portraits, pet portraits and wearables.  Her latest endeavor has been a line of wearables: scarves, sarongs, tops, kimonos, mens ties and cumberbunds; at shops, festivals, shows and commissions.  Christy's artwork is uniquely her own and represents life experiences and personal sentiment.  

Christy has been awarded the status of Master Silk Painter in 2018. This award is given to artists who have demonstrated remarkable skills, unsurpassed excellence and exquisite artistry in silk painting. This is the highest level of membership that can be obtained by an artist in SPIN – an international organization of silk painters. SPIN authorizes this artist to use the initials MSP after their name to indicate that in the eyes of their artistic peers and the world, the artist is a Master Silk Painter.

Christy started the Silk Painter's Guild of Montana, based in the Missoula area, she is President of this guild and welcomes those interested to contact her,  She is a Certified Artist from the Montana Artreprenuerial Program. Christy is on the Board of Directors for SPIN, Silk Painter's International.